Molecular Flipbook Toolkit Features (Beta Version)

PDB Import
Upload molecular structures as PDB files, either from your computer or from the Protein Data Bank database.
Blobber tool
Create a “blobby” as a stand-in for proteins that you don’t have a structure file for. All you need to know is a molecular weight or approximate dimensions to create a blobby!

Animate colors and shaders
It’s easy to animate your molecules changing color (to signify activation, for example) and to change its look using the Shader tool.
In-app tutorials
The in-application tutorials launch automatically and will walk you through how to use Flipbook.

Save your animation as a video
Once you create your animation, you can export it as a movie file that you can then embed in presentations and share with others!
Slide-based animation
If you’ve ever used Powerpoint or Keynote, you’ll already be an expert in creating animations in Molecular Flipbook.

Create protein markers
Create and animate protein markers that can indicate, for example, where post-translational modifications are made.

Features that we’re currently working on

To be notified when we release updated versions of Molecular Flipbook, please send us an email at

Linker tool
Create a dynamic and flexible linker that connects two domains of a protein.
Cut chains
Create two different surfaces from a single chain – this can be useful to animate domains separately, for example.

Create biological units
Create larger biological assemblies (of virus capsids, for instance) using the BIOMT coordinates inside a PDB.
Import additional filetypes
Import geometry files, such as reconstructions from the EMDB, or other files (such as .stl) that may have been generated in another program.

Molecular Flipbook

An open source 3D animation software using the Blender Game Engine

Download 0.2a for Mac

Download v0.2a for Windows 64

Molecular Flipbook is a free and open-source molecular animation software toolkit that has been specifically designed with the needs of biology researchers in mind. The Molecular Flipbook toolkit is based on the GPL-licensed Blender Game Engine.


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