Molecular Flipbook Website

The Molecular Flipbook website invites members of the research and education communities to freely share, view, and edit molecular models and animations with one another. To find out more about the Molecular Flipbook application available for download at our website, check out the video below:

Meet the Team

We're a small team of biologists, animators, and programmers based at the University of Utah and Harvard Medical School seeking to change the way biologists create and visualize molecular models.

Janet_Iwasa Janet Iwasa
Principal Investigator
Department of Biochemistry
University of Utah

Gael_Mcgill Gael McGill
Co-Principal Investigator
Department of Biological Chemistry & Molecular Pharmacology
Harvard Medical School
CEO, Digizyme

Piotr_Sliz Piotr Sliz
Co-Principal Investigator
Children's Hospital, Boston
Center for Molecular & Cellular Dynamics, Harvard Medical School
Department of Biological Chemistry & Molecular Pharmacology, Harvard Medical School

Ron_Mourant Ronald Mourant
Advisor & Programmer
Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Northeastern University

Mike_Pan Mike Pan
Senior Programmer

Rise_Riyo Rise Riyo
Web Developer

Advisory Board

Bruce Alberts
University of California, San Francisco

Wah Chu
Baylor University

Tom Ferrin
University of California, San Francisco

Joachim Frank
Columbia University & HHMI

Stephen Harrison
Harvard Medical School

Tim Mitchison
Harvard Medical School

Art Olson
Scripps Institute

Amy Vollmer
Swarthmore College

Len Zon
Harvard Medical School


This project is supported by the National Science Foundation.